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Evolve Colchester will offer 90 small business units and 5 standalone offices designed with start-up businesses in mind. Developer Galliard are building affordable workspace schemes in London and the South East to meet the demand caused by a significant increase in small and medium sized businesses wishing to locate to community style workspace schemes. This development has been designed to create a business environment that can accommodate a mixture of uses, from start-up businesses to storage and manufacturing.

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Whilst this is straight forward domestic waste, just short of 20m3 per day – 5 days waste is effectively spread over a 7 day week, what’s different with this application is the high quality final effluent needed to be discharged into a feeder ditch of the Ardleigh Reservoir operated by Anglian Water.
Having built a number of treatment works for Anglian Water Services as the process receiving the foul waste from some small Anglian region towns, Anglian water had knowledge of the Bio-Bubble process and what it could achieve. Naturally, as part of the Environment Agencies determination process, whilst deciding if a bespoke Environmental Permit could be granted to The Evolve site, Anglian Water Services were consulted and required to know what proposals were in place for disinfection.
This Bio-Bubble application has our Advanced Aeration full biological secondary treatment with Low Total Nitrogen and nutrients within the final effluent and prior to release to the environment all the treated waste is slowly pumped through an Ultra Violet disinfection tertiary process leaving the water suitable for discharge to the reservoir.
In line with the majority of our specialist WWTW’s the daily operation is monitored remotely with a Broad band link, putting our process engineers in close contact with the recorded management information. With status reports and email alerts sent out from the plant, if and when engineer attendance is required this can be planned and dispatched in good time to nip potential greater issues in the bud had nobody been aware of a forthcoming problem.