Commercial Solutions


Advanced Aeration ensures both effluent and sludge are treated to a very high quality. The final sludge is highly stable, inert, without offensive odour and reduced in volume on average by 85%. This applies further significant advantages when compared to other systems, notably by the remarkably reduced costs and frequency of sludge removal, and to the carbon emissions this entails.

Our process has been applied to numerous sensitive area sites where stringent consent conditions are imposed and was chosen because of its proven ability of continually meeting and maintaining a high quality effluent. Indeed, there are instances where only Advanced-Aeration provided the reassurances for meeting the approval of consenting authorities.

Unique system also ensures exceptional energy savings will be gained by proportioning power to the incoming flows and by utilising the latent biological energy. The capability of receiving sudden excessive flows is particularly demonstrated at tourism destinations where seasonal variations suddenly peak during holiday season therefore it is perfect for locations with peak /off-peak periods.


Typical Applications:
• Hotels
• Theme Parks
• Schools
• Business Parks
• Country Estates
• Pubs
• Restaurants
• Tourist Destinations
• Residential Nursing Homes
• Animal Welfare Facilities
• Holiday Parks