Industrial Solutions


Bio-Bubble Advanced-Aeration has been used for a number of industrial wastewater applications including abattoirs, meat processing plants, vegetable preparation factories and landfill leachate. A further application includes a treatment plant used for the decommissioning of explosive material.

Numerous smaller treatment systems are serving a diverse range of applications such as deer larders in Scotland, several RSPCA kennels and micro-breweries, to name just a few.

Advantages of our Industrial Solution:
Pre-treatment for grease or fat removal may not be required.
• All our systems produce a high quality effluent suitable for discharge to a watercourse with minimum or no further treatment required.
• Exceptionally lower sludge production than other conventional forms of treatment.
• Combined low energy consumption and minimal maintenance offering low life cycle costs.
• A process custom tailored to suit your needs and remotley tuned for optimum performance.

Other wastewater treatment specialist suppliers recognise the quality and capabilities of the process and have referred difficult applications to Bio-Bubble. We have developed a reputation for taking on projects where stringent effluent discharges are stipulated and successfully proven our systems to meet and surpass these requirements.


Typical Applications
• Breweries
• Wineries
• Dairies
• Pharmaceuticals
• Factories
• Distilleries
• Abattoirs
• Mortuaries
• Vegetable Preparation Factories
• Landfill Leachate
• Ammonia & Nitrate Reduction