Knightspur Homes | 6 Domestic Dwellings

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The site of the old Wheatsheaf Garage was acquired and developed by Knightspur homes to construct 6 new dwellings at North Waltham near Dummer.

Knightspurs’ Consulting Engineers, Aqua Callidus Consulting Ltd, specified a Bio Bubble process as its installation could be incorporated within a shared driveway, plus, with the very high quality of final effluent a deep vertical soakaway was an option, thus negating the need for a larger area of land being needed for the typical drain field method of dispersal, when no ditch or stream is available.

The Advanced Aeration process used by our Bio Bubble system is fully nitrifying, meaning that the levels of Total Nitrogen within the final effluent are renowned for being a process that can consistently achieve reductions of above 90%.

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Natural England’s push for achieving Nutrient Neutrality for all new developments considered to be within catchments feeding the Solent region has seen a demand for processes that are fully nitrifying, unlike a large proportion of the standard package treatment plants that do not reduce Total Nitrogen.
If a developer is unable to provide acceptable mitigation measures to offset a positive Nitrogen Budget for a new development the individual schemes can be held up from gaining planning approval, as a consequence until a monetary agreement is reached for the cost per Kg of Total Nitrogen a particular development will produce extra over to the previous land usage. Should a Negative Nitrogen Budget be achievable then there would be no mitigation requirement.
This position is not exclusive to the Hampshire basin; Natural England has identified other areas of concern around the country where nutrient reductions are needed. The rivers that feed the natural harbours of the Southern region being predominantly chalk fed over part of their catchment accumulates Nitrogen after of years of farming, this emerges from aquifers and leads to formation of dense mats of algae due to the excessive build-up of nutrients in the environment. Poorly treated wastewater is considered a major contributor to the overall problem.